The Sports Academy Team

Marshall Bennett General Manager

Marshall is the General Manager of Sports Academy at The Star. He is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

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JJ Mosolf Executive Director

JJ brings with him 10+ years of playing & coaching experience in volleyball and basketball, as well as a competitive mindset rooted in helping others thrive. JJ has been involved with Sports Academy since 2016.

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Nate Borunda Co-Founder / Executive Director

Nate Borunda is a co-founding partner of Sports Academy, where he oversees operations, partnerships, and the ongoing growth of the Sports Performance Department. He actively collaborates with the Sports Academy’s Actor & Entertainer Program, focusing on role transformations and providing on-site training.

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Angel Ybiernas Ulm Performance Coach / Business Operations

Angel Ybiernas Ulm received her BS in Kinesiology from Oregon State University. She originally came to Texas in 2016 to complete her internship from EXOS where she became certified as a Performance Specialist. Since then, she has been expanding her knowledge in performance. She is certified in NASM PES, USAW, Kinetic Integrations, and Precision Nutrition. She’s worked with all demographics from youth, general population, adaptive, entrepreneurs and skills coaches to professional athletes.

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Bayleigh Wheat Manual Therapy Assistant Operations Manager | Performance and Wellness Coach

Graduating Summa Cum Laude from The University of North Texas with a degree in Kinesiology, Bayleigh has a strong passion for holistic health and the relation it has to human performance in all settings. With certifications as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and a licensed massage therapist; she is driven to empower and equip clients, from the entry level athlete to a seasoned professional, sharing the knowledge necessary to achieve their most optimal physical capacity.

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Jon Spotts Co-Founder and Director of Sports Academy Foundation

Jon is an experienced operating executive with deep knowledge in sports management (training, coaching, facilities, tech, philanthropy), international retailing, wholesaling, software development, and business/strategy consulting.  He is the President of Sports Academy. Jon was previously President of Mamba Sports Academy and Club Director and Coach for Mamba Basketball Club.

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Bryan McCall Executive Director of Performance

Bryan McCall (also known as ‘BMac’), is the Executive Director of Performance at Sports Academy at The Star. He has been in the field of athlete development for over 23 years and has trained hundreds of professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Olympics.

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Michael Oviedo Lead Manual Therapy Specialist

Michael Oviedo is the Lead Manual Therapy Specialist at Sports Academy at The Star. Michael started in the fitness industry in 1997, performing a wide variety of roles from trainer, and master instructor, to research and development in the nutrition and supplementation world.

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Tristan Dustin Reporting & Compliance Coordinator

Tristan is the Reporting & Compliance Coordinator at Sports Academy at The Star. Tristan attended the University of North Texas on scholarship from the Terry Foundation, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. In 2020, he became a part of Sports Academy at The Star’s first intern cohort.

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Matthew Dahlke Return to Play Manager and Sports Performance Coach

Matthew Dahlke (also known as ‘Matt’), is the Return to Play Manager & a Sports Performance Coach at Sports Academy at The Star. Matt graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and has 2 years of experience working in Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinics.

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Carolina Cisneros Return to Play Coach

Carolina serves as a Return to Play Coach at Sports Academy at The Star. Carolina proudly earned her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University, accompanied by a minor in Sports Management.

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Chad Faulkner CEO

Meet Chad Faulkner, Chief Executive Officer. A passionate and experienced leader, Chad cares deeply about everything Sports Academy influences and has committed to the responsibility to deliver. He guides the Sports Academy Team to greater opportunities wherever they can deliver meaningful and inspiring value.

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Irv Roland Basketball Skills Coach

Irv Roland is an Oklahoma City native who played basketball collegiately at Division 2 Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Post graduation he landed a job as a video intern with the Boston Celtics.

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Ursula Heyner Sports Performance Coach

Ursula is one of our Sports Performance Coaches at Sports Academy at The Star. Ursula plays a pivotal role in assisting professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc. as well as supporting Sports Academy’s NFL & NBA Pre-Draft programs.

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Jordan Brown Sports Performance Manager

Jordan is the Sports Performance Manager at Sports Academy at The Star. With over 15 years of experience, Jordan has worked with hundreds of youth, high school, college, adult, special operations military, and elite athletes across the MLS, NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB.

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Erin Halliburton Massage Therapist

Erin, one of our Massage Therapists at Sports Academy at the Star, has always held a deep interest in sports and fitness. Growing up, she participated in various sports such as gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track. This firsthand experience has fueled her passion for a holistic approach to well-being.

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Tyla Simcox Massage & Manual Therapist

Tyla is one of our Massage and Manual Therapists at Sports Academy at The Star. Since the beginning of her career in 2014, Tyla’s journey has taken her from overseas work in Germany, collaborating with the army, to her current role in Frisco.

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Julian Maze Massage Therapist

Julian is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a plethora of skill sets and knowledge in the field of kinesiology. After completing his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, Julian furthered his education by obtaining a Master’s of Exercise Science before becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in the states of Arkansas and Texas.

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