Ursula Heyner

Sports Performance Coach

Ursula  Heyner
Ursula is one of our Sports Performance Coaches at Sports Academy at The Star. Ursula plays a pivotal role in assisting professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc. as well as supporting Sports Academy’s NFL & NBA Pre-Draft programs. Additionally, she leads high school athletes, with the vision to build them into future professional athletes.
Born in Naples, Italy, Ursula earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Parthenope University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Sports Management. She holds various certifications, including National Association of Speed and Explosiveness, EXOS Performance Specialist, FMS, FCS, and FRC.
Ursula kick-started her career in Naples, Italy, working with athletes across different sports, youth athletes, and adult groups. As a former show-jumper in horseback riding, her passion for athletics motivated her to focus on improving athletes’ performance.

Known in the industry as “USKII,” Ursula’s expertise is well-respected among athletes.