Tyla Simcox

Massage & Manual Therapist

Tyla Simcox

Tyla is one of our Massage and Manual Therapists at Sports Academy at The Star. Since the beginning of her career in 2014, Tyla’s journey has taken her from overseas work in Germany, collaborating with the army, to her current role in Frisco.

In 2016, a wrist injury became a turning point in Tyla’s career, leading her to discover a passion for fitness and holistic well-being. Transitioning from massage therapy, Tyla became a head coach in group fitness, strength, and conditioning. This diverse background allows her to seamlessly integrate anatomy and physiology knowledge into sports training, promoting more effective workouts and injury prevention.

Specializing in orthopedic and clinical massage, Tyla contributes to Sports Academy’s mission of offering effective, safe, and transparent human performance training. Her dedication aligns perfectly with helping individuals achieve their best, both physically and mentally.

Outside of her profession, Tyla enjoys spending time with her two adorable puppies—an Australian Shepherd and a German Shepherd—alongside her fiancé, with whom she shares a love for travel and exploration during their free time.