The Sports Academy Team

Erin Halliburton Massage Therapist

Erin, one of our Massage Therapists at Sports Academy at the Star, has always held a deep interest in sports and fitness. Growing up, she participated in various sports such as gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track. This firsthand experience has fueled her passion for a holistic approach to well-being.

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Tyla Simcox Massage & Manual Therapist

Tyla is one of our Massage and Manual Therapists at Sports Academy at The Star. Since the beginning of her career in 2014, Tyla’s journey has taken her from overseas work in Germany, collaborating with the army, to her current role in Frisco.

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Julian Maze Massage Therapist

Julian is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a plethora of skill sets and knowledge in the field of kinesiology. After completing his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, Julian furthered his education by obtaining a Master’s of Exercise Science before becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in the states of Arkansas and Texas.

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