Sports Academy at The Star

Sports Academy is a full-circle facility designed to update the way men, women and youth approach human performance, by creating a multi-platform environment that activates, educates and provides an opportunity for humans to unlock their full potential.

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Camps, Classes & Clinics

Our programs are designed to advance athletes into more complex training to prepare for higher levels of competition.

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Manual Therapy and Recovery

Sports Academy Sports Medicine & Recovery offers dynamic capabilities allowing you to reach your full potential.

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About Sports Academy at The Star

Sports Academy provides effective, safe and transparent human performance training to develop athletes to the peak of their potential. The Academy enlists diverse experts to support youth, amateur and elite athletes with a full-circle approach that includes body, performance and cognitive training.

Adult Training Camp

Our Adult Training Camps cater to the adult athlete, weekend warrior, average joe, or recreational athlete looking to challenge themselves with athletic-based movements to maximize their human potential.

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Event Space Rental

Host your next event at Sports Academy at The Star! No matter what you envision – Sports Academy is the perfect space for your next gathering.

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Performance Journeys

Begin your Performance Journey with Sports Academy! Complete age specific milestones to rise through the ranks and reach peak fitness levels and athletic ability.

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Sports Academy is for…

Performance Training

The goal of our performance training is to help you achieve your fitness and movement goals in a challenging, safe, and healthy environment.

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Return to Play

Our Return to Play program aims to get you back to your athletic pursuits in as good, if not better, condition than pre-injury.

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