Nate Borunda

Co-Founder / Executive Director

Nate Borunda

Nate Borunda is a co-founding partner of Sports Academy, where he oversees operations, partnerships, and the ongoing growth of the Sports Performance Department. He actively collaborates with the Sports Academy’s Actor & Entertainer Program, focusing on role transformations and providing on-site training. Groups like Netflix and Warner Bros., along with shows such as “Yellowstone” and “1883,” have utilized his expertise as an on-site performance specialist. In 2018-19, Nate served as the head performance coach for Maria Sharapova, also working alongside notable figures like Jamie Foxx.

As a published co-author in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine,” his work includes the study “Effects of Wearing a Cloth Face Mask on Performance, Physiological and Perceptual Responses During a Graded Treadmill Running Exercise Test.” He is also a co-author on two forthcoming studies examining the effects of long COVID on exercise implications and concussion rehabilitation in sports performance.

Nate has been a certified Performance Coach for 13 years, holding a NASM Performance Specialist (PES) certification. Additionally, he is certified in Cal Dietz’s RPR training system and as an SFMA Level 1 Trainer. Nate began his athletic career in collegiate basketball at The Master’s College, securing an athletic scholarship after starting as a walk-on. He earned his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University – St. Paul, having transferred there to complete his senior year. Currently, Nate is pursuing a master’s degree in exercise science, with a research focus on mental health and its impact on athletic performance.

In 2024, Nate applied for his PhD at Concordia University – St. Paul, intending to specialize in Exercise Science and Sport Nutrition.

Nate and his wife Hannah reside in Celina, Texas, with their three sons. Nate is an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor and enjoys regular training. He treasures spending time with his family and engages in hiking and weightlifting as part of his hobbies.