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Basketball Add-Ons
This program is ongoing

Utilize our cutting edge technology to step up your game. From shooting to ball handling to cognition we'll help you develop every aspect of your game.

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Continuing Education Course

Integrated Therapy and Movement Continuing Education Course
November 10, 2023 - November 11, 2023

Are you a massage therapist looking to serve your clients to the best of your ability? Integrated Therapy and Movement was developed for soft tissue therapists to assess and identify movement impairments, gain specific manual therapy skills to optimize soft tissue function, increase range of motion, decrease chronic pain, and communicate effectively with athletes and clients. People are always looking for someone that can help them with chronic pain, getting back on their feet, or staying active. We are here to equip you with the confidence and knowledge to do just that!

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Performance Classs

Adult Training Camp
Starting October 24, 2022
This program is ongoing

Our Adult Training Camps cater to the adult athlete, weekend warrior, average joe, or recreational athlete looking to challenge themselves with athletic-based movements to maximize their human potential. Our program includes diagnostics from our state-of-the-art sports science technology targeting the Sports Academy pillars of fitness and customized programs to improve fitness.

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