Sports Academy at The Star Unveils Leading-Edge Turf Installation by Hellas Construction

March 22, 2024
By Madissen Lewis

Sports Academy and Hellas Construction Collaborate to Unveil State-of-the-Art Turf at Sports Academy at The Star in Frisco, Texas.

FRISCO, TX., March, 22, 2024 – Sports Academy, a global leader in human performance, is proud to announce the completion of the state-of-the-art turf installation provided by Hellas Construction at its premier facility, Sports Academy at The Star, in Frisco, Texas. This groundbreaking enhancement, provided by Hellas Construction, positions Sports Academy at the forefront of sports training and performance facilities.

Through our recent field installation and partnership with Sports Academy at The Star, Hellas Construction continues to exemplify our commitment to excellence in sports infrastructure,” said Reed J. Seaton, President and CEO of Hellas Construction. “We are proud to collaborate with Sports Academy to provide top-tier athletic facilities that empower athletes to reach their fullest potential.”

The new turf incorporates advanced technologies to enhance performance and safety. The Cushdrain® shock pad provides athletes with superior protection from hard impacts, ensuring a safe playing surface. Matrix Helix® utilizes shape memory technology to secure the infill in place, preventing migration and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Complementing these features is Hellas RealFill infill, engineered to deliver optimal fiber support, energy restitution, and enhanced shock absorption, ensuring consistent performance even under heavy use.

Moreover, Hellas’ Ecotherm infill introduces cellulose fibers, offering a revolutionary cooling effect that reduces field temperatures by up to 30 degrees compared to traditional infill materials.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Hellas Construction, a partner that shares our unwavering commitment to excellence and enhancing the athletic experience,” said Nate Borunda, Co-Founder of Sports Academy. “This partnership signifies a fusion of innovative technologies and evidence-based practices aimed at elevating safety and performance standards in sports facilities. Together, we aim to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the realms of sports and wellness, ultimately enriching the lives of athletes and enthusiasts alike.”

The new turf is a testament to the commitment of both Sports Academy and Hellas Construction to elevate the standards of athletic training and performance. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and expertise, Sports Academy empowers individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary results through its expert-driven, safe, and effective full-circle training approach.

To celebrate this milestone, Sports Academy at The Star and Hellas Construction will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 27th, 2024, from 12 pm-2 pm at Sports Academy at The Star. The ceremony will mark the official unveiling of the state-of-the-art turf and showcase the collaborative effort to create an unparalleled training environment.

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